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*Do not Upload bad words in title/description (all swear words, anything to do with cheating, scam)
*Please try to enter release and quality information in the description field.
*Do not Upload spam torrents like free iPod/PSP/phones/$$$ stuff, abused porn,short sized torrents
*Do not Upload torrent using more than 10-15 trackers
*Uploading the torrent may take some time, wait for success result.

*Click To:Read Rules Before Uploading
*If you want to be Verified uploader!

*When you upload any kind of content to our website you take full responsibility for its copyright and confirm that you are either the owner of this content or have the exclusive rights to distribute it.

*You should also include a .nfo file wherever possible.
*Please INCLUDE our .txt i,e Torrent Downloaded from Or You Can Use The Tag [220x]. in all your upload Stuff, in order to become verified uploader quickly.

*Please Add It : ( Make Sure That You Included This Tracker in Your Trracker-List

*Try to make sure That your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours
*Do not Uploads fake Stuff here!

Announce URL: view recomended tracker list

This site accepts ALL external torrents also!
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